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Dedicated to providing the best in Quality, Conformation, and Personality in All of our Animals!

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Kettle Haven Ranch LLC
Curlew, Washington USA

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Kettle Haven Ranch LLC is a small Ranch located in Curlew WA, We hope to use this site to share information about our journey of becoming as self sufficient as possible on our little Ranch. We recently started raising registered Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPPs) and Katahdin & Katahdin Dorper cross Hair sheep. We also started raising Broilers and Egg Layers We will be breeding and selling for meat. We do have livestock for sale at all times. If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing these great homestead Animals, please reach out to us. We work hard to provide a product that will create real health, build communities, and bring families together. Our #1 priority is to create sustainably raised meat that is high quality, full of flavor and healthy. We understand finding meals to feed your whole family that don’t have the added, unwanted ingredients can be hard. Do you desperately want to know where your food is grown? Do you want to teach your kids about healthy food choices? Get to know us on a personal level and simplify your life by conveniently filling your freezer with our Idaho pasture pig pork, pasture raised chicken, and pasture raised Lamb. We also have Raw wildflower Honey. 

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Our goal is to make sure our animals have only one bad day on this farm. Each morning, rain or shine, hot or cold, we rise to make sure we live up to our promise of providing these animals a stress free environment where they can thrive.

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