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Pasture Raised Lamb, Pork & Chicken & Raw Wildflower Honey

Welcome  to Kettle Haven Ranch

Kettle Haven Ranch is a small Ranch located in Curlew WA, We hope to use this site to share information about our journey of becoming as self sufficient as possible on our little Ranch. We recently started raising registered Idaho Pasture Pigs (IPPs) and Katahdin & Katahdin Dorper cross Hair sheep. We also started raising Broilers and Egg Layers We will be breeding and selling for meat. We do have livestock for sale at all times. If you are interested in learning more about or purchasing these great homestead Animals, please reach out to us. 

Looking for healthy local food?

Happy pigs, Happy Sheep, Happy chickens, Happy Horses, Happy HoneyBee's

We work hard to provide a product that will create real health, build communities, and bring families together. Our #1 priority is to create sustainably raised meat that is high quality, full of flavor and healthy. We understand finding meals to feed your whole family that don’t have the added, unwanted ingredients can be hard. Do you desperately want to know where your food is grown? Do you want to teach your kids about healthy food choices? Get to know us on a personal level and simplify your life by conveniently filling your freezer with our Idaho pasture pig pork, pasture raised chicken, and pasture raised Lamb. We also have Raw wildflower Honey.


Happy IPP Pigs

We feed our hogs non-GMO, grains with a mineral supplement. They also get seasonal produce, as it’s available. All of our animals spend the day free ranging and nights in there security of their fenced in Pens because of the  predators we have.

Katahdin Ewe Lamb

Happy Sheep

Our flock currently consists of Katahdin sheep and Katahdin Dorper Sheep crosses. Like any other grass/pasture raised animal it takes a little longer to grow out the lamb on grass only but the flavor of the meat is unparalleled.


Happy Chickens

We raise lively, healthy chickens that can run, jump, play and forage. Our chickens take two and half times as long as commercial chickens to grow to full size, have normal size breast meat, and make much healthier and tastier chicken.


Happy HoneyBee's

Honeybees are essential to healthy crops, and their rapid decline threatens global food security. That's why we incorporate bees into many of our projects. Farmers who keep bees see increased crop yields, whether they are growing coffee, spices or vegetables.

Inquire about having us grow out a pig for you!

No room to grow out your own pig?  Have us grow an IPP out for you.  When available, piglets can be reserved (with deposit) and grown out to market weight on pasture, naturally with no antibiotics.  Once ready, pigs can be delivered to a processor of your choice or one suggested by us.  Inquire today for pricing and availability.

The Best Memories are Made on the Farm

Get to Know the us

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Denise & Steve
311 Customs Rd
Curlew, WA 99118
509-207-9101 or 509-207-9440

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