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Kettle Haven Ranch Idaho Pasture Pig

Breeders for sale.

The Idaho Pasture Pig is a relatively new breed and selecting only the best breeding stock is of utmost importance. We want to select traits that complement the breed standard and ensure a healthy and beautiful specimin of the breed. We choose our farm breeding stock carefully and breed to enhance the IPP traits. We only sell piglets that exceed the breed standard. We will have options for piglets, but will never register a piglet we wouldn't buy for ourselves. Male piglets that do not meet or exceed breed standard will be castrated and sold as feeders.


Idaho Pasture Pig Gilt for Sale

Penny is registered IPP, she was born June 2023. Penny looks just like her Dad Samson. She for sale, Her price is $500.00. If you would like more info on penny pleas send us a email.


Kettle Haven Ranch

IPP Gallery

Our bio-security

For the safety of our pigs, we quarantine all new pigs entering the property for a minimum of 30 days. We do not allow visitors to enter any pig area without the proper foot protection and sanitation. We also worm all pigs twice a year with either topical ivermectin, oral ivermectin, safeguard pellets, or Dectomax injectable. Unless otherwise requested, we provide all piglets leaving our property with a single dose of topical ivermectin. We recommend one more dose 10-14 days after taking your piglet home.
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