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Why Katahdin x Dorper Crosses
At Kettle Haven Ranch we specialize in Katahdin x Dorper crosses for exceptional market lambs and for replacement breeding stock. The cross breeding results in the best of both breeds but also in the benefits of heterosis, commonly known as hybrid vigor.  Crossbred individuals tend to be more vigorous, more fertile and grow faster than purebreds. 

Born and raised on grass:  

While a majority of sheep growers rely heavily on grain feed inputs, my lambs are born and raised on grass only. My intensive pasture system involves moving my sheep and lambs to fresh pasture daily. This puts them on a constant supply of the freshest feed and cleanest ground!

No grain:

What you see in my lambs is the result of grass and ewe’s milk only! My sheep perform exceptionally well on grass.

Our Ewes

Lambs Always For Sale

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