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Our IPP Breeding Boar


Samson is a Gorgeous Ginger/Black boar we were lucky to get from Peaceful Pastures Farm in Shelton, WA. He is a fantastically built boar with a great body and nice wide face with a short upturned nose. He has had some wonderful litters on the farm and we look forward to seeing his future litters.

Idaho Pasture Pig Breeding Boar Info


One of the benefits of this breed is their smaller mature size. Ideally, boars should mature out at 350-400 pounds. The IPP is a medium sized breed of pig that was developed in 2006 with ongoing selection to breed to the stated ideal standards. We are very particular about our breeding stock, and the boars are carefully selected for our customers. A few of the characteristics that we look for when culling is the head, snout and body confirmation. They should have a short to medium length snout with an upturn or dish on the end to allow grazing and discourage rooting. The boars will have broad and pronounced shoulders, and will normally develop a shield at about 2 years of age. We also make sure the boars have well positioned testicles. We will do our best to get you a registered, high quality breeding stock IPP that exceeds or conforms to that of the posted breed standard.

All pigs require lysine that is found in grains, so IPPs are unable to be 100 percent grass-fed. But they can be primarily grass-fed. Only 10 to 20 percent of their diet needs to consist of grains and minerals. It’s essential for the minerals to be mixed properly into the feed. Due to their toxicity to salt, Idaho Pasture Pigs are unable to be fed free-choice minerals or mineral blocks. A mineral deficiency will result in the pigs digging in the ground to locate additional minerals instead of grazing the ground properly. The keys to a happy, healthy grazing pig include minerals; water; grass, hay and fodder; shelter; and, of course, a nice wallow!

Idaho Pasture Pig Breeder Pricing, Boar


We currently offer Idaho Pasture Piglet Boars for $500 with a $250 deposit. New litters born twice per year here on our ranch. We currently have 2 breeding gilts and 1 breeding boar. We take reservations on the piglets year-round. No deposit = no order. Your deposit is fully refundable if we cannot fulfill your order within a reasonable window or promised time frame. However, if you back out or change your mind, we reserve the right to keep the deposit.

Please note: Customers are responsible for paying any additional fees/costs for their pig, such as blood work, vet fees, and for health certificates for their particular state.

Please note: Pricing is subject to change without notice. The only way to be sure to lock in your pricing is if your deposit is already paid. Please reserve as soon as possible as we already have a long list of customers!

We look forward to offering breeding pairs and breeding trios in the future as we grow our Idaho Pastured Pig business.

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